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meat: the jock #2

One of our favourite fellas is curly-haired Scottish beef Ali aka @manbunofscience.

He's Mr. December in our 2021 calendar, so if you bought that you have a treat in store. In the meantime I asked him to model the new and frankly iconic meat jock and dug around to find out a few interesting facts about this north-of-the-border hunk.

"Running is my sport of choice though I do a bit of arial stuff. I'm an ok pianist, but a much better singer. I have perfect pitch and my Frankie Valli took me around the world, (but I'm too tall really). I love dogs but I'm definitely a cat, oh and I'm obsessed with Kate Bush. I am much more of a Trekky than a Star Wars guy. The mornings are not my friend but I do find it funny taking under-dressed selfies then anyway. Rugby lads are hot and although I'm only 5' 9" I'm definitely more of a big spoon."

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