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meat is the UK cult gay pin-up pictorial you've been searching for.

Published quarterly between 2010-2020 the magazine is a smoking hot celebration of (extra)ordinary guys in a classic pictorial format.

The project was paused in 2021 to allow time to create and publish the meat retrospective book.

In 2022 the magazine came back in the form of a new project meat ICONS; 12 zines over 12 months each featuring one stunning man each issue. 2024 is the third year of this project.

The magazine is full of stylish, un-retouched, natural photos of the guys you fancy, in their own environments. 


Celebrating real guys - as they are.

If you want to buy one, visit our store page.

If you want to be in one, email Adrian:

Adrian Lourie is a London based freelance photographer. He has been photographing men in their underpants and publishing meat single-handedly (with some help from his friends) since 2010.

You can see his non-underpants related work at


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