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meat: The Hotel Diaries, Christopher

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

Have you ever had a strange hotel experience?

I've stayed in quite a few hotels where there was next to no sound buffering at all, especially from the doorway. Hearing people's conversations was a stranger experience than hearing them have sex most times. But I'm certain the feeling was mutual!

What’s the best sex you’ve had in a hotel?

I think I need to say recently in Birmingham was the best hotel sex I had in recent memory. I was visiting a friend for some events and we were sharing the room, and each other. We woke up the Sunday morning and wasted no time getting into each other. After we finished one of his friends, who was staying on the floor above us came to our room and we kicked it all off again. I got to have the pleasure of being both the top and the bottom which was amazing. I had so much sex that weekend that even I was surprised.

What do you think is the best thing about staying in a hotel?

From a sexual standpoint i have to say one of the best things is the power of fantasy is always that little bit more enhanced. Since its, usually, somewhere new and unfamiliar, you have a level of anonymity and can act a little different, be a little braver. And hotels have become a notorious space in hook-up culture and in porn. It feels like anything can happen, so you have this added level of excitement for some fantasies to come true.

Have you ever had any other interesting hotel experiences?

Being photographed is definitely one of the most interesting experiences I've had in a hotel! It was interesting also because the space was so oddly small and unique to work in.

What is your favourite hotel and/or which hotel would you die to stay in?

Favourite hotel is the Steigenberger in Berlin. I've had really great holidays there and really enjoyed every trip to it. I think it helps that its pretty fancy too.

Do you have any hotel fantasies?

I do love the fantasy of being invited to someone's room, with their door unlocked for a full anon hookup. Where they are just ready for me to use them and leave. And I've fantasised a little about inviting multiple men to my room to use me too.

There's something really fun, mentally, the idea of an unlocked door, where you aren't being formally invited in and you don't know what will happen.

Who would be your ideal roommate?

Someone who is equally happy to have some kinky fun in the room but also is ready to fall asleep by 2am. I need my sleep!

What’s your room service order?

Probably a breakfast order. Definitely coffee, maybe some pastries, and scones with jams, butters and cream.

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