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meat: the book

This year I self-published a book.

A big, fat book full of ten glorious years of meat. I don’t have a publisher, a PR or a marketing team. There was no budget.

It was basically just me in my bedroom with a bunch of pictures.

Talk about a learning curve.

It took pretty much a year and honest to god it turned out to be one of the biggest achievements of my photographic career (in my mind anyway). I am thrilled I was able to make it happen.

Eternal gratitude to the special few who helped me, to all the guys featured and everyone who bought a copy; YOU were all pivitol in making my dream come true.

meat will be back next year, celebrating modern masculinity with a new zine, bi-monthly parties at Dalston Superstore and plenty more besides.

i can’t wait to share more meat with you.


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