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meat: The Book

OK, I'm so fricking excited to show you this. The meat book is finally here!!! Well, OK, not quite here, but today I'm launching the pledge campaign to raise funds to self-publish the book in the next couple of months.

This project, not to mention the whole ten years of meat, has been a complete labour of love. It has also kept me sane during the long year of lockdowns and no work. I do not think I would have gotten through without meat and the support of you guys. This makes the book even more special to me. I have truly loved going through the meat archive, choosing images for the book, many of which haven't been published before. I've also loved reconnecting with some of the nearly 600 men I've photographed over the last decade. Without these amazing queer men and non-binary folks, I would not even have a project.

Check out the homepage for more about the book.

I've come up with a few exclusive rewards for you to check out too. There's a new tee and a limited edition print box (with an exclusive cock pin, hand-drawn by me). Also, a special book preview zine featuring a ton of images that won't be in the book. The zine is also available as a digital download.

You can pre-order the book with a limited edition print, and there's ten to choose from. I'm only producing 25 prints of each of these, dare I say, iconic meat boys, so choose your favourite carefully.

If you're feeling flush and like a deal you can get a special priced bundle of meat too. There's a limited number of these too though so be quick.

The bundle features a pre-order of the book, the print box, tee and zine. You'll also get the cock pin and a hand-drawn printed and personalised print.

For more information check out the homepage.

Oh and don't forget to check out the meat film by the amazingly talentd @mr.d.mccabe

I'd love to know what you think.


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