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meat: NKD Launch party

So, I did a thing.....

On Friday night I officially launched the meat NKD calendar and magazine at The Kings Arms in Soho with an intimate gathering of gorgeous humans from London and beyond.

To say I was nervous with anticipation hosting meats FIRST actual event in 13 years of the project, would be an understatement. However you guys came through for me and it was a brilliant night. The pub was packed to the rafters from 6 until midnight and meeting so many of you was just the biggest thrill. There was drinks, there was bants, there was men in jockstraps and so much more!

We had our very own meat resident DJ Fannar and special guest, Horse Meat Disco legend Severino on the decks and t-shirts, calendars and magazines went like hotcakes.

It was the first chance to get a look at the 2024 calendar and it appears you guys were not disappointed!!!!! It was also the first time the guys featured in both the NKD calendar and the meat ICONS calendar got to see themselves in print. Loved getting their reactions.

If you came along thank you so much for your support. It was a truly memorable evening. Definitely won't be the last event I hold for meat, so if you weren't able to make it, maybe next time...

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