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meat: NKD 2024

Ooooh yeah! meat NKD 2024 the calendar AND 72 page magazine are here

Honestly, you are gunna love this! I've worked really hard to produce the best meat NKD evah! If you've pre-ordered a calendar, magazine or bundle....THANK YOU. YOU make this project happen!!!! If you haven't, well you should :-)

If you are in London, I'd love to meet you at the meat NKD 2024 launch, at my beloved Kings Arms, Soho on 20/10. You'll have an opportunity to meet me, some of the guys in the calendar and also to get your hands on some merch! You wouldn't wanna miss it!

Oh, there's also a meat ICONS 2024 calendar featuring all 12 of this years monthly ICONS in previously unpublished pics!

Buy meat ICONS / the meat ICONS 2024 calendar HERE

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