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meat: MANUAL

Adrian Lourie, photographer and man behind meat and meat ICONS talks about why his new project, meat MANUAL will have you rummaging in more than just your sock drawer.

Rinaldo, new work for meat MANUAL Volume 1. Socks\

Tell us about the meat MANUAL.

Meat MANUAL is a new print-only project that I've called a photo guide to the best things in gay life. Each issue is a 100-page softback book on a particular theme and features images from the meat archive, which is now about 14 years of work and probably close to 700 photo shoots. There will also be some previously unpublished stuff and new shoots included too.

What was the inspiration behind the project?

I'm always wanting to put work out there, in print, be it legacy or new stuff. Producing the ten-year retrospective book was such an amazing experience, and I'm dying to do Volume II. However, it's really expensive and because of the costs involved, inaccessible to both me and some of the guys who like to buy my work. My stock in trade is publishing the zine, which is hopefully a bit more accessible and the meat MANUAL is somewhere in between the two if that makes sense.

Where did the idea for focusing on socks come from?

Well, over the course of this project, you'll be privy to some of my meat fetishes, for sure lol. I've always found it so hot to see guys either in their undies or naked with socks. It's definitely been a theme in my work, and I'll be exploring more of these; yes, let's call them 'themes' in future MANUALS.

So, what can we expect from this issue?

Well, lots of socks, hahaha. I've poured over my archive to find some scorching images and photographed a few new guys with socks firmly in my mind, which has been a really fun and a super hot experience. Take the cover guy, Ian, for instance. We've known each other online for about a decade, and I've always wanted to photograph him. I recently found out he lives close by and asked him to model some new t-shirts for me. From there, getting him rolling about on my bed in some socks was a total no-brainer. We also did a few fun shots, which you'll find in the book. He's a brutish-looking, hairy scouser with this cheeky, impish side, which I adore.

Well, we gotta know, what are your favourite kinds of socks?

It's such a cliche, but a pair of white sports socks is always a favourite. I also love scruffed-up footy socks and a nice pair of argyles. Oh, and regular black socks too. I also sometimes have a thing for trainer socks. My tastes are pretty wide and varied and you'll find a well curated mix in the book.

meat MANUAL Volume 1, Socks is available to pre-order HERE and will ship soon.

Images: Matti, (above) & Jason, (right)

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