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meat LOVES: Tom Selmon

Say Hello to our latest meat LOVES artist, Brighton and London based Tom Selmon.

Tom's work has included documenting queer London nightlife and shooting amongst the rise of the queer generation we know today. He spent two years in Beijing, where he became integrated in the LGBTQ community. This enabled him to document an honest portrayal of queer life in China.

Both these projects allowed Tom the opportunity to photograph incredibly talented people in both a documentary and fine art setting.

Tom's fine art work has a quiet intimacy but is erotically charged. His subjects are clearly at ease with their sexuality and in front of his camera.

I'll be selling a specially curated collection of Tom's prints and the first issue of his zine

'UN-FOLD' as part of meat LOVES and I caught up with Tom to get the shizzle.

Hey Tom, how are you and what are you up to?

I'm surprisingly well. I have just taken on the role as Art Director for Scene Magazine. Which is a community lead LGBTQ+ magazine in Brighton. I also continue to shoot my own work, and am just about to begin the production of

UN-FOLD Issue 2.

I’m really excited to have your work as part of meat LOVES. It’s very different from what I do but I think it works beautifully beside meat. What inspires you?

Thank you for your kind words. My inspiration is very simple. Does the model's face make me feel emotional? If yes, then I want to shoot them. Sometimes I see someone and they make me want to burst into tears (metaphorically speaking)

You clearly enjoy studio work, right?

Yes I love working in the studio because for me a photo is all about the model. It offers a blank canvas for their beauty to shine. Although I do enjoy locations, as long as they are simple.

I’m really interested to hear about your experience of living in working in China, particularly from a queer perspective.

It was a fabulous time in my life. I can't speak for the whole of China, but my experience being part of the LGBTQ scene in Beijing was fun, sexual, creative and very fluid. You could meet someone one evening, and the next thing you know you are creating nude art with them.

What are you currently working on?

I am working on creating more fine art work and UN-FOLD zine.

You’ve also produced a lovely zine. Do you plan to make more?

Absolutely! I think we need to take back control of censorship and let our photos be free from "community guidelines". They can get fucked.

For more: @tomselmon

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