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meat: the book & you #2

I cannot tell you what a buzz I've been getting from seeing your feedback about the

Putting this book together was a true labour of love for me. It was my project through all three of our lockdowns and beyond. The love really came from looking back through ten years and 46 issues of meat, at all the guys I’ve met and photographed along the way. These guys who all had their own very personal reasons for wanting to appear in an issue of meat. I’ve really loved getting to know them and sharing their stories through the portraits featured in the book. It holds lots of amazing memories for me of lots of friends and guys that I maybe only met once for the shoot.

Now it’s out there, getting the reaction I have from the guys who’ve seen the book has been incredible. I’ve loved seeing their pictures and reading their comments about the book. I’ve had zero negative response and I’ve felt this huge love for the project which has blown me away.

It probably sounds a bit conceited, actually it definitely does, but I really believe this book has a value to us as a community and I think it deserves to be seen by a wider audience. That’s pretty much my goal now.

Thank you again to everyone who's bought a copy and posted about it, told their friends and shared the love.


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