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meat: ICONS 2023

After some deliberation (not much to be fair), I've decided to keep publishing meat ICONS through 2023. It's been such an incredible year, a lot of work but the response to the project has been amazing. I am so grateful to all you guys who have subscribed, it really has kept me going. I love this project and all the guys I meet (and meat) along with all of you who support the project. The opportunity to reach more of you and shoot a bunch of new ICONS was just too much to resist. You won't be surprised by that I'm sure! Hahaha :-P

This time around I'm offering a pay-up-front subscription to take some of the hassle out of buying meat ICONS every month. You'll still be able to buy meat ICONS on monthly subscription next year, but for some of you I hope this will be an easier solution. You'll also receive 20% off the entire year's subscription if you take advantage of this offer before 31.01.23.

I've seriously had a ball with this project and I've still got two incredible men to share with you this year (alongside the meat ICONS 2023 calendar). I hope you'll join me on our journey into 2023 with some more extraordinary men.

Check out the subscription offer HERE

Oh and don't forget to order meat ICONS Issue: Ten featuring Adriano and the meat ICONS 2023 Calendar! :-P

Massive, MASSIVE thanks to everyone who has modelled, helped, supported or purchased something, helping me to keep this project alive.

Oooh and if you fancy yourself as a meat ICON in 2023 and would like to talk about a shoot, get in touch.

Adrian x

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