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meat: ICONS #13 is here

A chat with Adrian, the meat guy about the new series of meat ICONS. The first issue of 2023 was announced today and is available to pre-order HERE

Tiago for meat ICONS Issue Thirteen, available now.

What can we expect from meat ICONS this year?

A new bunch of incredible men who are willing to put themselves out there for the project. I shot a few guys last year who will feature and I'm busy shooting again now. There are still opportunities though for any lads out there who want to get their kit off.

Will the zine follow the same format as 2022?

There's a few small changes to the design thanks to my other half Stuart who's a graphic design whizz and who actually knits the zines together. We're a bit more confident about our approach this year and wanted to show that whilst maintaining the spirit of the original concept. This year each issue will also come with an A3 poster print. I'm also trying to be a bit more adventurous with the shoots. I have a great shoot to publish from Hampstead Heath, which was fun. Definitely want to get out and about to different locations a bit more. I still love the intimacy of shooting in guys rooms though.

How do you find men to pose for meat ICONS?

I put a call out on social media over Christmas and got a lot of positive responses. There's quite a few guys waiting in the wings for a shoot, which is brilliant. A lot of guys who follow my Instagram or who have seen the zine volunteer. I'm actually launching a new project in the summer called meat Manual and I need to photograph a fair few men for that. So I'm always looking. The more the merrier.

Tiago for meat ICONS Issue Thirteen, available now.

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