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meat: ICONS

"I'm so thrilled to introduce you to my new meat project, meat ICONS. A series of 12 zines over 12 months, each featuring someone who I consider to be a meat ICON. The zine is a sensitive and sensual exploration of modern masculinity and I cannot wait for you to see it." - Adrian (the meat man)

Available each month as a single issue or on subscription, this new pictorial features 20 pages of photographs, a short essay about the model and an A5 (artist signed) collectible print.

Also, sign up for a 12 monthly subscription and get a FREE meat ICON tee.

Check out an interview about the new project with meat man Adrian Lourie below and some exclusive images of our first ICON, Osito.

Why meat ICONS?

Well, it's a playful title, but I just wanted to celebrate modern masculinity and show that we can all be iconic in our own right. It really is just an extension of the premise of meat, which was about making any fella a pin-up regardless of their body type or age or any of the other attributes that make up who we are as gay/queer people.

Where are you finding guys to be part of the project?

I've asked a couple of guys back for shoots who have been in meat previously, just because they're ace. I have found a few people on social media too. I'm still looking for more guys to be part of the project this year. I want the zines to be as diverse as possible. So if anyone fancies being part of meat ICONS, they should definitely get in touch. Yes, it's primarily about men, but I really want to reflect the queer community in the same way I have always tried to do with meat.

What makes these models so special?

Everyone I've ever photographed for meat is special. I love these experiences and all the guys featured have so many qualities that attract me. Of course, to a certain degree, I have the hots for each and every one of them on varying physical and emotional levels. However, it's so much more than that. I love hearing their stories and talking about how we all navigate the queer world.

Why publish another zine?

Honestly, I just really missed publishing the zine and meeting all these amazing men. I liked the idea of taking the project in a different direction and devoting an entire magazine to just one person.

What makes this zine different to meat?

There was a deliberate choice to just feature one guy in each issue. With meat, I always had a really hard time just choosing a couple of images of each person featured. It's nice to be able to really create a bit more of a story and explore these brief, intimate, exciting and creative experiences I have when I shoot someone. I'm also shooting more natural light and focusing on details and different physical aspects of each model. You really get more of a sense of who these guys are, I think.

How has the last year been for meat?

Well, I had an amazing time putting the book together and publishing that. It's really been one of the most rewarding experiences of my photographic career and a real highlight of the meat project. It was well received and I felt a lot of love for the project. I'm really proud of what I was able to create, with no budget or publishing deal.

Will there be another meat book?

I REALLY hope so. I would love to publish a second volume. I have photographed well over 600 men for meat and I was only able to feature a fraction in the first book. I'd love to feature more and some new guys. It's definitely on my radar for 2023!

Why do you think meat has become such a cult brand?

I think meat came along at the right time for queer culture. I've never had any pretensions about it and I've always been real about the concept. I think the project has integrity and I think the people who buy the stuff and feature all really respect that. I also have a great eye for a gorgeous man.

What are your future plans for meat?

Well, meat ICONS will keep me fairly busy throughout 2022, with a zine to shoot and publish every month. We're also back at Dalston Superstore every two months for meat parties and after 9 years on the London Queer Club scene, we are still packing them in, which is amazing.

I hope to do a few new pieces of merchandise and just really keep trying to represent these extraordinary men through my published work.

Where can I buy meat ICONS?

You can buy a single issue or a year's subscription HERE. I'm hoping to get the zine stocked in a few of my old meat stockists (and some new ones) as well.

Will there be a digital version?

No. This is very much about print. The aesthetic is very much in keeping with the early issues of meat. It's quite raw and has a very homemade quality. It's beautiful and printed on the most gorgeous recycled paper. I want people to touch it and really appreciate the experience of handling it. I love that I've been able to produce meat as a digital product too, but if you want to see meat ICONS, you need to get your hands on a print copy. You'll also get a free t-shirt so you too can be a meat ICON. What's not to love?

Meat uses mainly male pronouns. However, much like the meat readership, it is acknowledged that everyone featured has their own identity. Preferred pronouns are used in individual instances. We welcome readers and models from the queer community as a whole.

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