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meat: FINALLY, a calendar!


We have a calendar.

Anyone on the mailing list, particularly you guys who pre-ordered the calendar, will know I have had some issues with the print of the meat calendar.

The second batch of calendars arrived back today, and I am so happy to be finally in a position to send them out. However, at the risk of over/sharing, I have got to let you guys know.

It is not perfect, by any means. There comes a point where you have to let go (and know that I will NEVER use this printing company again). I've spent two months now proofing this and it's as good as I can get it. I hate gay I’m saying that but the company have shown zero interest in helping me get the colour and contrast absolutely perfect. I'm deeply disappointed with the service I have received. They've printed the whole batch TWICE and ignored everything I have asked for and said. I can't argue with them anymore.

As an artist/person I constantly strive for perfection in my work. It's rarely achieved but it's always my goal. I'm still super proud of this project but DEFEATED by the process of getting it printed. I want to thank everyone who's pre-ordered the calendar and merchandise for your patience with me whilst I worked on this. Your orders are on the way!

I hope, in spite of its issues that you enjoy the fruits of my labour and the amazing men featured in the meat 2022 calendar.

Adrian (the meat man)

You can order the calendar HERE

A digital/print at home version is also available HERE

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