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meat: Best of 2022 #meatICONS

This year has been spectacular for meat. Photographing, editing, designing, printing, publishing and promoting 12 zines has been a ride. It's definitely kept me on my toes. I've loved meeting and shooting these guys and getting to know their stories, sharing intimate moments and creating beautiful portraits to share with you. I am so proud of each and every one of the guys featured and am so grateful to you for supporting the project by subscribing or even buying just one issue (or all of them).

Matti for meat ICONS Issue Five

It's kept me going and kept me busy.

The success of the project allows me to continue next year with another series of meat ICONS and an opportunity to tweak and move the project forward. Alongside the 12 zines, each featuring an incredible meat ICON, there will also be a new meat project, meat MANUAL. More of that another time though.

Ahmad from meat ICONS Issue Twelve

In the meantime please enjoy this gallery of some of my favourite images from 2022 featuring all twelve meat ICONS, including images from each zine and some previously unpublished images. (Scroll down)

All 12 issues of meat ICONS are available HERE and you can also buy the meat ICONS calendar and subscribe to all 12 issues for 2023 at a very special price.

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