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meat: isolation selfies

We're living in strange days man. If this is the new normal, it sucks dick big time. However, disruption (and lack of hook-ups) is the mother of getting your kit off for more selfies. Are you stuck at home, bored, horny, in need of attention? Are you just the kind of guy who loves standing in front of a mirror in your underpants? Well, you should know that we LOVE those kinda guys here at meat. How about emailing us an isolation selfie to share on our Instagram.

You can PM us through the app at @meat_zine or email (including your name and Instagram handle).

Thanks to our first four beauties: Charlie, Gennaro, Nathan and Larry.

I've been accused of insensitivity in a time of a global pandemic. My irreverence and humour in these unprecedented, unsettling and damn scary times should in no way be mistaken for lack of love and empathy for those gravely affected by Covid-19. I'm terrified for my loved ones, my community, my city and my country. This, however, does not negate my overwhelming desire to foster a tiny bit of normalcy and indeed to celebrate life.

I hope this goes without saying...

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