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meat: Hey Thomas What's up?

Thomas: Hey there! I feel amazing, Pride and Fetish Week London are behind us. Of course, it's an excellent period for us, but for those who work in the adult industry, it's also a hectic and stressful time. I had a lot of fun, marching in London, meeting my friends over Pride and fetish week and also participating in Mr Rubber UK. I'm completely exhausted, and I'm going to get a well-deserved rest this weekend.

It was so much fun shooting you for the new meat poster and meat twenty-nine. Are you excited about the party?

It was a lot of fun! I wasn't sure what to expect from it, but stripping down in your bedroom was indeed a fun experience haha. As for the party, I'm excited as I've never been at one of the Meat Parties. You can boo me; it's ok! I can't wait to see how the party will be.

More importantly, what will you be wearing?

It will be BLUE. Shocker right? I do love teasing. I guess you'll have to wait and see!

There seems to be something very significant about you and the colour blue?

I don't know what you're talking about! I don't even know what to say, to be honest, it just started as me liking this colour on me, and then I couldn't stop myself. Now it feels like people recognise me mostly because of my colour choices haha

I was interested in your tweet exchange with Pride London a few weeks ago. Did it go viral right? Can you tell us about it?

Oh, now you're getting severe haha. Well a few weeks ago that Facebook group called UK Pride posted something that said that fetishes and people who would express their queer identity in more "adult" way shouldn't attend, mostly because "won't anybody think of the children ??"

I just felt compelled to DM them and remind them that fetishists were among the first people to join Pride Parades, you can indeed see guys in their leather walking next to our trans brothers and sisters among the others. We earned our place here, and you know what Pride is an adult protest. You're free to take your kids there, as one day they might become members of this community. But it's your call. You can't put the hot ball in our hands telling us that it's our responsibility. You're taking your children at an adult event; it's your call. Also, your kids might one day be interested in this kind of stuff too. Finally, kids don't sexualise what they see. They only see us in fancy, funny outfits. Adults are the one putting their hands on their eyes, telling them it's wrong.

So how did a nice French boy like you get into the fetish scene?

I had shallow exposure to the Fetish Scene, but you know, growing up in my small hometown in France, browsing certain websites I discovered this universe, and it intrigued me. When I came out, I started to research it, but only when I moved to London, I finally tried and bought my first rubber suit. That was in winter 2016. In 2017 I slowly explored this newfound community and started doing puppy play, but it was only when I began working for Clonezone in autumn 2017 that I started getting onto the London scene. And the rest is history.

As an outsider I always think of fetish clubs as very dark places, pumping out techno music with guys in dog masks being lead around on chains. How near is that to the truth?

I mean it's kind of true. Fetish events, especially in clubs, can be quite intimidating, but the key is to get to know the people there. I find that the fetish community in the UK is very welcoming. And you know if you want to get and meet people, there are quite a few social events organised, especially in bigger cities. Just look them up, and you'll find them!

What do you think is the most significant misunderstanding we have about guys who are into fetish wear?

I feel like people think that we're weird, or that our sexuality entirely defines us. I know a lot of kinksters and, even if like in every other community there are some extremes, most of them are just like you. I honestly believe they're at a better place in their life for expressing their desires and sexuality.

How do you feel about posing for meat? I think we got more 'Thomas' than 'motothepup', which was, I have to say at my request.

I was looking forward to it a lot! I've seen your photoshoots for a long time and, to be honest for a while I thought you weren't interested in me posing for you. As for Moto, my pup self is always a side of me, whether I show him or not. So in a way you got him on camera too haha. Although you did ask me to take my collar off, which is a cardinal sin, so my lawyer will be in contact with you!

You are definitely not shy about stripping it all back and getting naked, though?

When I was a kid, I loved to run around naked. When I grew up and got depressed and insecure, I lost that side of me. In the past few years, I managed to find my confidence again, and I'm just really enjoying doing it again. I have body issues, but deep down, I love my body, and I'm happy to strip naked and feel sexy in front of a camera.

What do you think about a fetish issue of meat?

Sign me up!

Check out Thomas's Instagram @motothepup

You can order a copy of meat twenty-nine HERE

Tickets for the meat party on Saturday 27th July are available HERE

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