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meat: Dalston Superstore

We're back at Dalston Superstore this May Bank Holiday Saturday (25.05.19) for another ass-kicking, beer-drinking, hairy, hipster, disco-dancing meat party for the gays of London and their friends. We are taking over both floors of Superstore with a stellar line-up of the creamiest DJ talent including The meat boys, A Man To Pet (Basic Boys), Mário Valente (Lounge, Lisbon), Nicolas Fischer (Dalston Superstore), Grace Sands (Adonis), and ORNOGRAPHY (Happy Endings, Creeps). There will also be HALF-NAKED menz dancing on the bar and SO MUCH MORE! You know how it is.....PACKED. Don't be caught in the QUEUE. Snag a cheap Q-JUMP TICKET NOW.

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