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RED meat

I love a redhead, I mean who doesn't. I've been out with two, and over the years I've more than happily photographed a fair few for meat. From rugby players to wild swimmers, fire crotches have always been a delight, a fascination and dare I say a fetish. Judging by the response they always receive on the meat Instagram feed, they are definitely one of the most popular groups of men featured in this beefy zine of mine.

So (and you don't have to thank me) I thought it was about time to fully celebrate our ginger brothers with a whole issue devoted to the copper knob (well

I'm hoping to feature at least a couple of those too!).

In the meantime feel free to enjoy this gallery of previously photographed titian titans (no seriously you don't have to thank me).

Clockwise from the top: Terry meat 14, Stephen meat 23, Davey meat 12, Owen meat 26, Simon meat KXSRFC, Mike meat 11, Donovan meat SF, Tim meat 13, Danny meat 13, Steve meat 16, Lee meat 4, Phil meat 24, Mark & Daniel meat 24, Fannar meat 4

All images are © adrian lourie / meat products

Back issues and digital versions of meat are available from our online store HERE

Red meat will be published this summer. If you are in London or visiting soon and you would like to feature please email a recent picture to

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