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meat: NAKED 2019


The infamous meat NAKED Calendar is back for 2019, once more fighting against the stereotypes of what makes a calendar pinup sexy.

12 regular guys of all shapes, sizes, ages, backgrounds and professions have stripped off to prove that real men are sexy.

Adrian, who first published the gay pin-up zine meat in 2010 says his portraits of men “attempt to defy the body shaming that goes on in the gay community. Some of us have muscles, some of us don’t and we’re not all 19 years old. The calendar is a great way to celebrate the bodies of real men.”

South London based, Visual Merchandiser, Darren didn’t hesitate in signing up and sees his calendar cover image as making a statement saying “Gay media tends to focus on a very specific body type and that doesn’t always make me feel that comfortable with my own body. I thought what better way to combat that by getting my kit off. I think it’s important to show that there’s a myriad of guys out there who all look completely different and that should be celebrated.”

North Londoner Nick needed no persuasion to drop trou saying “I love Adrian’s work and I jumped at the chance.” He’s also thrilled with the images which will also appear in the accompanying issue of the print zine ‘meat naked’ and says “They’re an honest representation of where I am right now – physically and emotionally. Seeing them has definitely increased my confidence and acceptance of myself, flaws and all.”

Another of the calendar’s stars, East London Actor Luis also found his appearance empowering and says “meat (and Adrian) gave me the confidence to appear as I am. If we don’t show other perspectives, we’ll always believe that (gay) mens bodies are just like the ones we see in every other gay magazine.”

The Launch Party for the meat Naked 2019 calendar and accompanying zine ‘meat naked’ will be held at The Glory in Haggerston on Friday 31.08.18 with DJs the meat boys, Cozette and Princess Julia and the men of the 2019 NAKED Calendar.

You can pre-order the meat NAKED 2019 Calendar and meat NAKED Regular and Extended Editions HERE

*Pictures censored online only.

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