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meat: San Francisco Revisited.

Back in 2013 meat meat the amazingly talented singer/songwriter Matt Alber ( on his first trip to the UK. We hit it off big time and as well as taking his picture (and taking him to XXL) we decided to create an issue of meat in his then hometown of San Francisco. The resulting special edition of the zine meat SF was a massive hit. We met and photographed the most amazing group of guys and when the zine was published we went back to San Francisco for an epic launch at Truck Bar.

Needless to say the issue SOLD OUT pretty fast. It's still available as a digital download from our store but we've recently uncovered some archive copies which are now also on sale. Not only are the original copies of the zine but they come with a signed 6x4 print of Matt Alber AND a signed postcard. They are available now in a very limited number and once they is gone, they IS GONE.

Snag one HERE

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