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meat loves: Photographer and filmmaker Gregoire Thiry

When he was a child, Gregoire Thiry began to dress, idolise, draw and finally film his friends and family. Little Greg drew inspiration from the museums he visited with his parents, watching MTV and daydreaming.

Arriving in Paris in 2005 Gregoire studied fine arts and then cinematography and filmmaking. In 2009 he joined a fashion photography studio, working alongside a team who allowed him to develop his creativity and his taste for the fashion aesthetic.

In 2012 after leaving Paris and he landed in the dazzling city of Barcelona, where he started working as a freelance filmmaker and photographer for an eclectic clientele ranging from advertising to music and fashion producing short films and experimental videos.

Now based in San Francisco, Grégoire enjoys the relaxed Californian lifestyle and continues to work on exciting projects. Most recently he directed an engaging documentary about the homeless crisis in San Francisco in collaboration with a homeless shelter. He also directed a music video for the queer singer Zee Machine which will premiere this summer.

He also continues to photograph handsome men and we’re thrilled to share one of his recent shoots here.

To see more of Gregoire's work check out his Instagram @greg_thiry_filmmaker

All images © gregoire Thiry

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