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meat: Interview

We talk to meat twenty-five cover star Adrian and discover that 50 Is the new EVERYTHING.

meat: Meeting you, not to mention looking at your pictures really makes us redefine our idea of 50. What does it mean to you?

Adrian: Firstly I’m amazed I’ve got to 50 in one piece so I’m pretty grateful. Sex is better and I like myself more. I’m probably fitter and healthier physically and mentally now I don’t party as much. I’m wealthier and I feel much more confident about trying new things, hence the naked pictures.

As you age you truly don’t give two fucks what other people think. I gave up trying to fit in and please people, except in bed, a while ago . There will always be someone that thinks your a prick anyway .

m: What do you do to stay so fit and healthy?

A: I go to the gym most days, try not to drink too much, that’s a hard one and I sleep and eat well. The things that sound really boring but aren’t. It all stems from liking yourself better. Basically looking after the one body and brain we have. I still need to knock smoking on the head though.

m: Do you think there’s more acceptance around getting older in the LGBTQ community these days?

A: I’ve always found the LGBTQ community accepting anyway. We’ve had bigger issues to deal with. I think the straight community are more age aware.

There is definitely a daddy thing going on right now though with younger guys.

m: What kind of guys generally hit on you?

A: I get all sorts of guys hitting on me but yeah a lot of young guys now I don’t look as boyish. That surprised me to be honest. I get asked if they can call me daddy and I can call them son.....dirty boys!

"Some younger guys really need to learn how to suck dick."

m: Any advice for younger guys?

A: There no kudos in being young, we’ve all been there and you’ll be my age much, much quicker than you think. I had the best teen years clubbing in London in the 80’s, everything was new and exciting. I miss that about being young. I say go out and enjoy all that stuff ‘cos it’s fucking great but financially be aware that you’ll be ‘old’ quicker than you think. So maybe don’t spunk all your hard earned cash.

Plus some younger guys really need to learn how to suck dick. Guys should know how it feels and what to do. Come on!!!! I’m happy to help out if anyone needs any practice.

m: How do you feel about being on the cover of the new meat?

A: Slightly shocked I’m on the cover but obviously amazed the old git made it.

Next month, who knows, SAGA?

The regular, extended and digital version of meat twenty-five is now available

online from the meat store.

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