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We’re really proud to announce the publication of the twenty-fifth issue of meat. The original and best UK pinup pictorial is seven years old and including specials we’ve published a massive 31 issues to date. Speaking of numbers we’re equally proud to champion our new cover star, Essex boy Adrian, who proves beyond any doubt that 50 is the new EVERYTHING. #inpraiseofoldermen

We have a great photo spread with Adrian and he's submitted himself to our Q&A. Aside from our fabulous new cover design we're going back to meat basics with this issue and packed it with the best men London has to offer. Accept no substitutes.

meat twenty-five is available to pre-order now from and will be available in stockists across the world from early December, as will a digital download edition. Each print issue purchased online comes with a signed and numbered 6x4 colour print. The first 50 orders will also come with a hand printed artwork courtesy of our lovely friend Adam of #PopArtPhysique.

We’ll be launching meat twenty-five at The Royal Vauxhall Tavern on 8th December. Details to follow soon.

Oh and whilst we have your undivided attention please don't forget to sign up to our mailing list and follow our new Instagram page @meat.zine

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