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interview: Freddie (meat twenty-three cover star)

We had a quick chat with Freddie about being our meat twenty-three cover star.

What made you decide to pose for meat?

Adrian made me... haha, kidding! meat has a wide variety of lovers and fans and it's genuinely appealing to me. I love that they use regular guys for its shoots who you can relate to.

Have you done anything like this before?

Yes, for other magazines and venues.

How did you find the shoot?

I felt very comfortable. Adrian made me feel at home and we had a lot of fun exploring ideas.

Is it something you want to do more of?

100% yes.

What appeals to you about the process?

The outcome for sure.

Do you have a favourite shot from your meat shoot?

The shower scene we did was pretty cool, sexy but arty too.

How do you feel about being on the cover of meat twenty-three?

Love it... you'll see me again soon I hope.

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