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interview: Pierre Emö (meat BERLIN)

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Pierre Emo told us about his feelings on Berlin, Proust and his bedroom where nothing is hidden from the neighbours...​

You've been photographed in your bedroom - what kind of space is this room to you? My room is basically everything since I spend most of my time there. Nowadays, people can work in their own bed if they want to. It’s been quite a change for me. I approach the space in different way now. When I started to pose in my own bedroom for photographers, I thought that I was part of a generation that would spend more and more time in this space. So I decided to open it up, to the witnesses of my time, as a kind of reportage. Also, showing myself in my room - an intimate space - is a way of sexual liberation that fights against the conservative values related to the body. I also live in a flat-share since I moved to Berlin. So my room is definitely the place where everything happens. It's where I sleep, where I work, where I eat, where I host my friends, where I dance, where I jerk off, where I have sex with my boyfriend. It's a kind of theatre I guess. I have three big windows and a lot of neighbours. And I hide absolutely nothing from them. My body expresses itself at his best best when I'm alone. How would you describe the men in Berlin? Driven pleasure seekers. They're not only feeling free, they're also very hedonistic. They have a genuine sense of empowerment of themselves, of their body and of their mind. They're super heroes. They're losers as well. They're extremely human. What's your favourite part of the city? I'd say, Raw Tempel. It's difficult to define. It's a kind of deserted land of abandoned warehouses that have turned into clubs, biergarten – even a pool. I don't like it that much for those places – I don't really go to them. I like to wander between them. Because it keeps up the sensation of a deserted island within the city. These empty spaces have allowed me free my mind so many times. It's around Warschauer Strasse metro station. Malls are being constructed at the moment. I'm quite sad to see that the spirit of "what the fuck" of this neighbourhood potentially turning into capitalist consumerist shit. How did you end up living in Berlin? Like many boys and girls probably, I was seduced by the freedom, attracted by the hedonistic atmosphere, by the extreme simplicity of living there. Paris is a city that I love, but where the social pressure had become unbearable to me. In Berlin, nobody cares about the shit you're doing, they won't judge you on this. People live here and let other people live. One day, I decided to break free and I came here. It also meant I could escape the fascist tragedy that France is playing at the moment. What makes a guy sexy for you? Many things. It obviously depends on the guy cause I've had quite different types, so far. I love the complexity of feelings. What I love about a guy is when I can see on him, on different layers, that he's cheeky but also fragile. I also love cock. Tell us about your art that inspires you. I live by art, so it's quite a hard question to answer. I would say that the books of Marcel Proust revealed everything to me about my inner feelings. That the films of Alfred Hitchcock showed me everything of my secret desires. And that the 80s bands such as The Cure, Duran Duran or Depeche Mode added a rhythm to them.

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