meat Dalston Superstore 27.07.19

July 14, 2019

We're back at Dalston Superstore on 27 July for another bonkers session taking over Dalston Superstore.

You know we pride ourselves on curating the best night of music of your lives and this month is no exception. We have a bumper crop of London icons playing music to make the boys dance.
Joining residents the meat boys are:

Dance Armstrong (Dregs, Dalston Superstore)

NInebob (NYC Downlow)

Mista Maker (NYC Downlow)

Tafkanik (Homostash)

NIc Fischer (meat/Beyond)

Mikki Most (Trailer Trash)

The Cosmic Whores (Happy Endings)

We'll also have some serious GoGo action and assorted (hot) messy drag stars falling off the bar.

You know you're gunna need a ticket if you wanna avoid the massive queue so snag one HERE


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