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meat: The Hotel Diaries

meat The Hotel Diaries is the brand new book from me, Adrian, the bloke behind meat and meat ICONS.

Most of these shoots have taken place over the last year or two and putting this book together has been such an exciting process. I loved meeting all these guys for intimate assignations in their hotel rooms, whether it was the local Travelodge or somewhere swankier. What’s even better is that the men were keen to share their hotel secrets, experiences, and fantasies for the book. The result is a revealing portrait of what goes on, not to mention what comes off, when you hang the do not disturb sign.

These shoots really sum up where my photography is right now, and all the guys featured are quintessentially meat! This book is a perfect companion to

meat ICONS and I can't wait to share it

with you.

You can pre-order a copy of the book HERE

Pictured: Christian & Ross from the book

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