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meat: Dalston Superstore

Updated: Feb 8

We’re back for another year of meat Dalston Superstore takeovers and we promise you the absolute best in music from some of our favourite London, National and International DJs alongside some hot boy bar action of course.

Kicking us off in style this month, we have the incredible Belinduh Belinduh Belinduh, who always brings in to every party; also up in the bar, we have London legend and one of our total favs, Princess Julia. Honestly, though, no party is complete without Julia. The meat boys will be doing their first-ever closing set in the bar, which we’re so excited about.

Down in the Laser Pit, we have our very own Fannar, the badass Marie Malarie and making their meat debut Sassy Wylie. One of our favourite meat boys, P!nto, will be on the bar alongside new boy Beau for your viewing pleasure.

Why wouldn’t you be there?

Q-Jump Tix are available HERE

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