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meat at Dalston Superstore 23.11.19

Who remembers the last meat party? Nah we don't either, we were absolutely mashed! As you can see from the photos though it WENT OFF. We have four words for you...Ashley Ryder's popcorn box! Enough said. We're back at Superstore on 23rd November with another stellar line-up of DJs (has everyone now realised we're putting together THE best music in London for the meat parties?). WORD. In the bar: The meat boys Gaff E Mário Valente Nicolas Fischer In the laser pit: Stella Zekri Italo Rave Fannar Marie Malarie We'll also have the amazing Barbs and Max The Hybrid on the bar and the hottest crowd you're going to find in East London on any given Saturday night. Q-Jump tickets advised

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